Project implementation process in tskeem

How many times have you asked yourself, “How long will it take to write a program” or “How much will it cost to run and program this software?”

When such questions arise, we look for indicators to make our own estimates and announce the result. An efficient system is created when a team of different technology specialties work together to achieve a single goal. Companies and brands emphasize the importance of using online technologies such as web software, online accounting, business management, customer relationship management and CRM, customer club, website design, building online stores, building and designing applications. Mobile, digital marketing and SEO are aware and are always looking for the best.

For this reason, considering the need of our dear customers to receive initial awareness and knowledge about the process of project implementation, we will clarify the phasing of the path to reach a contract and project implementation for you.

first step : Documentary Requirements

A Required Documentary is the cornerstone of a successful project. Careful recording of this documentary is very important in project implementation, finding the right project implementation path, estimating project dimensions, expanding the system, and estimating the final cost. This documentary is recorded by the client in the general language. This means that you express exactly what you want from the system, the business conditions and the platforms in question.

Each part of this documentary helps our technical experts to prepare a comprehensive proposal.

For example, business model, project levels and visibility perspective, business visual identity (color, template and how to interact), required features (notification, user chat, tag-based search, display type and ...)

Step 2: Provide a proposal

Provide a proposal After receiving the requirements document, the T-Skim Think Tank will begin the process of studying, reviewing, and analyzing your application.

Proposal adjustment is done in 7 working days.

The proposal will be presented in a meeting attended by Nogen’s technical expert and the employer or her technical team.

special offer

Standard Proposal (Free)

This proposal model is exactly in line with the needs of the documentary. In this proposal, Nogen’s executive solution is presented in full and in optimal condition.

Premium Proposal (Free)

In this proposal, in addition to providing solutions to meet the needs and wants of the employer, the ideas of T-Skim experts formed in the think tank meetings to improve the implementation of the project are mentioned.

In this case, the unmet needs and the solutions that facilitate the expansion and deepening of Kafarma’s plan and idea are answered. Due to the different nature of this proposal, the implementation time and implementation cost are different from the standard mode.

Step 3: Contract

Along with the contract, the schedule and execution of the software project are provided to the employer. If we agree on the schedules and outputs provided to the customer in each phase, we will enter the project implementation phase.

The proposed schedule is adjusted according to the human resources and capacity required for the employer’s system and is placed on the company’s exclusive project management system and becomes visible to the employer. The output of each phase of this scheduling program is a printable version that can be used in the marketing program and the introduction of the employer’s product.

All T-Skim contracts are set up with your system and idea in mind, and this clause is included in the contract for the parties to sign.

Step 4: Monitor project progress to completion

Based on the schedule, our technical experts will advance the project system by phase according to the resources. With its exclusive web-based project management system, tskeem informs the employer, Yan Gerami, of all the steps and process of project implementation, in order to better interact and cooperate between the employer and our experts.

Our job and commitment as a software company is to provide the best service to the employer.

The end of the project does not mean the end of our relationship!

At tskeem, we are committed and committed to our customers.
If you would like to learn more about tskeem's executive processes in software projects, please contact tskeem Consultants.