Digital Marketing

tskeem, a different commitment

The main concern of work and business is to achieve the goals and outcomes specified in the planning, and many non-specialist consultants consider the implementation of campaigns (media-centric or media-buying) to be the main goal of the project, while in tskeem approach. Data-driven and goal-oriented, achieving results, and tskeem is committed to implementing these outcomes and goals at the lowest cost and highest efficiency. tskeem focuses on 3 things:

Digital Marketing

If you have chosen the digital world as a way to further your business and business and plan to achieve your goals,
You need to be familiar with the following definitions, differences and performance of each so that you do not stray from the path and choose the right criteria.
Otherwise, you will not touch the concept and efficiency of digital marketing.

Specialized solutions, from zero to result

Marketing and marketing strategy

Industry analysis

Calculate the online market size

Market segmentation and customers

Competitor analysis

Target Audience Analysis (Persona Design)

Digital branding program

Design and Implementation

Visual identity design

Site UI UX Design and Landing Page

Produce effective content

Identify effective channels

Designing digital campaigns


optimal management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Campaign Optimization (SEM)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Control, review and report

We guarantee our work

TSkim’s proposal to “control costs and make a greater impact” is the safest and most accurate solution for the results obtained, with a full guarantee of achieving the goals up to the last rial. In this method, which is recommended for work, businesses, markets, police and start-ups, customers who are one step away from buying are identified and connected to the sales team. By not following the above tips, this investment will become a cost. Because most of the advertising budgets are spent on delivering messages to people who have never been and will never be the target audience. tskeem, Iran’s first digital marketing agency; It offers some of its targeted services with a guarantee of a refund, in exchange for the results approved by the employer. And in this joint venture, tskeem is committed to providing advice, analysis, permanent optimization, and transparent reporting to its subscribers in order to gain a greater share of the employer’s market share.

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